Chris's Portolio

Growing Up Asian In America

Ever since I was young my parents would give me the chance to attend many, many after-school activities. When I was still a little boy,  I didn't understand why my parents would tell me to learn so many things, but I would always agree with them. As a result, my childhood was packed with musical and artistic classes. To name a few that I enjoyed, I had violin lessons, piano lessons, and some art classes. The longest of those that I still continue even now is my violin lessons. From the beginning, I would always agree with my parents' suggestions on what to try learning. Starting around middle school, I began getting my own ideas on what I wanted and did not want to do. I continued to learn what I enjoyed doing, and I also stopped learning what I didn't enjoy learning. My parents always thought me as a student in school. Any time I get, I would have to study or do my homework. They forget that I am also a teenager with a social life. If they always tell me to do schoolwork everyday, all the time, then I wouldn't have time to hang out with friends or do what I want to do myself. Because my parents both lived and went to school in Taiwan, a very academically competitive country, they always think highly of school. I personally always thought that school was a place for work; my final goal when it comes to school is to get into a good college. One good thing about my Asian parents is that they don't mind what subject I major in. I think they would want me to get a job with a high income, but they wouldn't mind having me major in an art, such as music. Growing up Asian in America has been a burden, but being Asian isn't that bad. All I have to do is raise my standards to satisfy everyone. (Then everybody happyyyy~~ :])

我算是一位很普通從小到大住美國的男孩。青少年愛做的事情我都有試過。我小時後都有學過很多種東西。我以前有學過畫畫,音樂,和許多不一樣的運動。以前都是我的爸爸媽媽叫我去學的。他們是從台灣飛來美國的。他們以前的教育跟我的差很多。我的想法長長跟他們的不一樣。小時後的 時候我沒有很在乎他們說的建議,但是我開始去高中八年級的那一年,我就開始有我自己的建議了。他們覺得我是學生,整天就是一直做事,都不能有我可以自己休息和玩樂的時候。他們會那樣享有可能是因為他們是從亞洲來的。因為他們在台灣學的是功課最重要,沒有時間玩。我是想這樣:「做完功課就能玩遊戲和耕朋友玩」。因為我的爸媽事台灣人,我家庭的規則是趙他們華人的相法。