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My Trip to Hawaii (去夏威夷的旅行)

Introduction (出發)

Hawaii Beach (夏威夷的海灘)

When I was 11 years old, my family and I went to Hawaii for vacation. I flew from the San Francisco Airport to an airport in Maui, a small island in Hawaii. Supposedly, we were going to arrive in Hawaii within three hours, but our flight was running late. As we neared the airport, we could see beautiful, blue beaches below. We finally got to Maui after a five-hour flight.

Food (食物)

Seafood Noodles (海鮮麵)

That night, my family and I got to eat seafood at a nearby restaurant. We got to eat extremely tasty seafood noodles and fried fish. After dinner, my whole family felt that the dinner was wonderful. We stayed at a very high-class hotel in Maui.

Hawaii Fried Fish (夏威夷煎魚)

In the morning, my cousins arrived at Maui by flight, and drove to the hotel that we were staying in. Some flew from Los Angeles, Japan, and even Taiwan. Even my grandparents flew from Taiwan to Hawaii to be with us.

Map (地圖)

我們在 Maui 住了一個禮拜,我們還有去壇香山(Honolulu)住了兩天。我覺得 Maui 是我們去過的地方裡面最好玩的。
We stayed in Maui for a week; after that one week, we flew to Honolulu, Hawaii's capitol. Overall, I think Maui was where we had the most fun.

Scenery Spots (風景名勝)

Hawaii Volcano (夏威夷火山)

At noon, we drove to a nearby volcano that was still active. That volcano could have erupted anytime we were near it. Walking on the volcano's side, you could still feel the warmth from the volcano's heat.

Hawaii Sunset (夏威夷日落)

In addition visit the volcanoes, we also got a chance to watch the beautiful Hawaiian sunset on the warm beach. We sat on the soft sand watching the sun slowly sink into horizon. When the sun was almost completely gone, everyone went, "Oh ~"; it was very interesting.

Culture (文化)

Hawaii Dancing (夏威夷的舞)

Hawaiian culture is very broad; culture from both the east and the west are joined together into one great culture. The resulting mixture of these two types is Hawaii's culture. Some people Hawaii like dancing, such as the hula dance.

Hawaii Singers (人在夏威夷唱歌)

Hawaiian people also enjoy singing songs together. They songs that they sang were in the Hawaiian language. From the vacation, I saw that their lives were full of fun.

People (人物)

Kamahameha the Great
有很多有名的人是從夏威夷來的。有一個人叫 Kamahameha the Great,他是夏威夷很久以前的領導人。夏威夷的人都很尊敬這位族長。

There are many famous people in the world who came from Hawaii. A man named Kamahameha the Great was a leader in Hawaii for a long time ago. This former leader deserved and received respect from

Queen Liliuokalani
夏威夷以前有一個非常有名的女王叫 Queen Liliuokalani。她是夏威夷最後一個君主。她七十九歲的時候,死的中風,她那時候七十九歲了。

Hawaii had a very famous queen called Queen Liliuokalani. She was the last monarch of the island of Hawaii. At the end, she died when she had a stroke; she was 79 years old when she died.

Shopping (購物)

Ala Moana Shopping Mall
在 Waikiki 有一個很有名的購物大廈叫 Ala Moana Shopping Mall。它有超過兩百六十個小店,也有很多餐廳。在購物大廈的中間有一個廣場,有人會表演才藝。這個購物大廈是世界上最大的之一。

In Waikiki, there is a very well-known shopping complex called Ala Moana Shopping Mall. It has more than 260 shops and many restaurants. In middle of the building there are often people performing their various talents. This large shopping mall is one of the biggest in the whole world.

Hawaii Coffee (夏威夷的咖啡)

Hawaii's coffee is one of the best in the whole entire nation. Throughout the United States, only Hawaii produces coffee beans. When I went to Hawaii, my family bought a few bags of coffee to take home.